Teacher Resources

The Rochelle Lee Fund

(RLF) believes that every child deserves the opportunity to become a successful reader.


Oppenhiemer Fund

The Foundation, established in 1933, has been giving grants to Chicago Public School teachers for the past twenty-six years through its Teacher Incentive Grant (TIG) program.


Illinois School Board of Education



Donors Choose

"Teachers ask for classroom project materials, You choose a project to bring to life. Students learn and thank you with letters and photos..."


Chicago Foundation for Education

"Investing in teachers..."


The following free educational web sites are endorsed by the Chicago Teachers Union:


CPS Professional Development PD CENTRAL

Use your user id for email and password to sign up for professional development courses that provide many free options for cpdu's and lane credit courses.


Google for Educators

Provides tools and activities for the classroom as well as support within the teaching community. 
Online Grading Systems for Teachers
Interested Teachers can Google "Online Grading" for further information.


Chicago WebDocent

a collaboration of the University of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools, and eight Chicago cultural institutions to bring museum collections to the classroom through online, standards-based lessons created by CPS teachers.  The focus is geared to selected social studies and science topics for grades 3-8.